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Technology can solve a lot of today’s business problems. Any business owner knows that your business is only as good as the tools and the people it employs. That means you need the right solutions for your unique business needs, so your people can perform their job duties at maximum efficiency. Our solutions are designed to provide our customers with a solution as their IT department or to supplement their existing IT department.

Innovative IT Solutions

IT Solutions


IT Consultancy

MegaViz’s architectural approach to the UC&C platform allows you to transform your communications culture by embracing new technologies and social media into your integrated communications platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.


Infrastructure & Cloud

Megaviz can help clients plan, design, implement and operate real-time networking, wireless and infrastructures.


Cyber Security & Firewall

Our highly experienced and qualified security professionals at MegaViz leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to protect your business against threats and minimize risks.


Servers & Backup Solutions

MegaViz technicians build service offerings around the best-in-class server technologies, then combine hardware, software and services to create a platform a business requires.



MegaViz’s proven experience and in-depth industry knowledge will play a key role in delivering excellent telecom solutions and business communication services across the UAE.


CCTV Surveillance

MegaViz help you to secure your Branches more efficiently without Guards. Save on guarding costs.CCTV technology has evolved exponentially—from simple video footage monitoring, to today’s intelligent systems that are capable of identifying abnormal events or behavior.


IT Support

If your business is still growing and you can’t justify an entire IT department, we can help! MegaViz Services can provide the help desk support you need with service level agreements that make sense to the cost-conscious business leader.


System Monitoring

MegaViz’s System Monitoring portfolio is designed to help employees carry out their work more efficiently and in a timelier manner, while being free to work from anywhere.

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