Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions

The explosion of data in the Information Age challenges businesses to re-conceive the modern server platform. MegaViz technicians build service offerings around the best-in-class server technologies, then combine hardware, software and services to create a platform a business requires.

High-demand workloads and explosive global data growth are forcing storage solutions to get larger and more complex, At the same time, client-side applications and growth in end-user data demands are pushing many of today's server architectures to their limits of performance, availability and capacity.

Hardware, storage growth and environmental concerns can all be significant challenges for your server platform without a strong vision. Data is the lifeblood of organizations today. Without it, business processes cease to function. corrupt information creates a perceived lack of integrity, so designing an infrastructure that minimize system failures and their impacts isn't a luxury - it's a necessity.

Server backup software is used to ensure the information stored or processed through server hardware remains intact in case of mechanical failure or user error. These solutions store the information processed by the server in a remote location, a remote cloud, or on some other on-premises hardware device. Companies use server backup software to prevent data loss in disaster scenarios as well as to ensure their business data or customer business data remains available.

How Megaviz Can Help:

MegaViz understands your business invests heavily in technology products, and you need optimum performance throughout its lifecycle to maximize its value to your business. MegaViz's professional solutions support you and protect your data with a suite of services designed to maximize the life and ROI of your technology investments.

Service Offerings:

We create the necessary infrastructure to develop solutions and service offerings to help our clients adopt more advanced strategies to drive their business productivity. Let us help you set the stage with strategy and execution to meet your business needs with the following services:



  • Domain controller configuration
  • Installation of MS SQL Server
  • Installation of Exchange Server
  • Remote access of emails
  • File server with folder security
  • Terminal server (RDP)


  • Server Backup Solution
  • File & folder backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Bare metal recover solution (Backup of different hardware can be restored on different hardware)

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